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Beauty Pegeant lady in costumes

Beauty Pegeant lady in costumes

FASHION WITH A TWIST An Acehnese model takes part in a unique street fashion show, during Aceh Fashion Week, in Indonesia’s Banda Aceh. Aceh Fashion week was held in the Shariah Province of Aceh, over three days ending 2 October. Back in 2004, the province was engulfed by a civil war; but ironically, the devastation following the Asian tsunami – on Boxing Day that year – saw a turnaround that led to peace. Today, Aceh has established an Islamist Government, which comes under the purview of Jakarta.


ROYAL PORTRAIT The Duchess of Cambridge and Princess Charlotte of Cambridge arrive at 443 Maritime Helicopter Squadron base – in Victoria, British Columbia – on 24 September. Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton first visited Canada five years ago. This time around, on a one-week tour, they took in the natural beauty of Canada’s Pacific coast, heading as far north as the rugged Yukon territory, where the future king and his wife also met with Canada’s indigenous people.