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It’s difficult to imagine life without the technology that we take so much for granted today. Digitisation surrounds us in virtually every aspect of our lives, and there’s a gadget or an app for virtually everything these days. But what many of us don’t realise is that there is a smorgasbord of tech and app hacks that can make life even easier than it already is! Here are some tech clues.


Instead of handing over your home Wi-Fi password to friends or visitors, visit blog.qr4.nl/QR-Code-WiFi.aspx and enter your Wi-Fi details. A QR code will then be generated that grants access to your Wi-Fi network, which you can print and stick anywhere in your house for users to scan whenever they need to use it.


If there’s one thing technology has taken away from us, it’s the personal touch. If you would like your letters and emails to be more personal, Myscriptfont.com offers a simple way to convert handwriting into a typeface that can be downloaded and used universally.


Ever used Facebook on someone else’s device and forgot to log out? You can’t afford to have all that private information available for someone else to forage through! Simply go to the ‘settings’ menu on your Facebook account from any device, select ‘security’ and navigate to ‘when you’re logged in.’ This will bring up all open sessions and allow you to close them on all devices.


Cable cords are notorious for fraying within a short period of use and can be expensive to replace. Protect the cords by taking the spring out of a ballpoint pen to stretch and wrap around the part of the cord that tends to bend. This will keep it straight and prevent it from wearing down.


If you need help studying for an exam, want to work on some practice papers or access more information than you have available on a subject, simply google ‘site:edu (subject) exam’ and it will provide links to loads of sample exams, answers and so on.


If you find an Apple device that’s been left behind or dropped on the street and Siri has been enabled, simply ask: ‘Who do you belong to?’ Siri will provide the owner’s name and contact information, so you can locate him and return the device.


If you’re constantly waking up tired and feeling like you need more sleep, a website called sleepyti.me may be the answer. Waking up in the middle of your sleep can leave you feeling tired and groggy, whereas waking up in between sleep cycles will ensure that you’re refreshed. Sleepyti.me helps you calculate the best time to go to bed and wake up, ensuring optimal sleep.


Ever wonder whether to reach for a banana or whole grain sandwich when you want to combat the munchies while watching what you’re eating? Google ‘(food) vs (food)’ such as ‘apple vs banana’ – and Google will offer you a quick and simple breakdown of nutrition and calories.


If your roommate’s alarm is ringing but she’s sleeping through it while you’re being woken up instead, call the phone – it will disable the alarm.


If you’re looking for online info (of airline tickets, hotel rooms and so on), clear the cache in your browser or use incognito mode because prices can increase when you revisit pages.


Place binder clips in a row along your desk, and thread a cable through each clip to keep them organised and avoid ending up with a tangled mess. Another tip is to mark and clip a bread bag clip onto each cable so you’ll always know which cable belongs to each device.


If you’re one of those people for whom the volume on your phone alarm is not loud enough to wake you from that blissful slumber, place the phone inside a cup for an instant ringing boost.

If there’s one thing technology has taken away from us, it’s the personal touch

Compiled by: Ayesha Reza Rafiq


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