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Cinnamon Colomboscope – AN ARTISTIC MEDLEY

Experience a kaleidoscope of colours at Cinnamon Colomboscope


Cinnamon Hotels & Resorts is once again gearing up to host the city’s highly anticipated multidisciplinary contemporary arts festival – Cinnamon Colomboscope. Conceptualised by the European Union National Institutes for Culture (EUNIC), the festival features a mix of visual, mixed media and performing arts. It will be held at the Colombo Terminus Railway Station from 1 to 7 September.

This year’s festival is its fifth edition, and it will focus on the theme of the environment and sustainability. Cinnamon Colomboscope will celebrate seven days of curated arts that will emphasise the importance of environmental sustainability while creating conversations about the impact that humans have on the planet.

Cinnamon Colomboscope will be a unique opportunity for artists from across the island, as well as leading international artists, to come together and share their work.

Visitors will have an opportunity to experience a kaleidoscope of colours that will inspire them to revisit and reevaluate their perceptions of the planet, and humankind’s impact on it.

This is the third consecutive year in which Cinnamon Hotels & Resorts together with the John Keells Foundation are organising the event.

Since its inception, Colomboscope has consistently promoted and built a platform for contemporary art in Sri Lanka. It supports and inspires artists to create engaging, evocative and daring pieces of work that communicate powerful messages to the world. The event also mobilises communities in Colombo to experience and engage in stimulating and thought-provoking creative processes.

This year’s programme will be governed by four pivotal pillars – viz. education, art, accessibility and sustainability.

Visual art will take the form of fine art, installations, video projections, interactive displays and public space art; and be showcased by a diverse group of local and international artists from countries such as Germany, France, England, the Netherlands, Italy, India, Pakistan, Poland and Turkey.

Also in the pipeline are film screenings submitted from around the world coupled with a series of panel discussions on subjects such as waste management, conscious consumerism, sustainable brand building, ecotourism, eco-architecture and carbon footprint reduction.

Workshops and special classes will also be conducted throughout the event to highlight the importance of embracing a greener, less wasteful, lifestyle.

Cinnamon Colomboscope invites you to reimagine to inspire change and action through art and creativity. Attend the event and experience the colours, shades, thoughts and ideas that will be on show through a mix of unique performances and inimitable pieces.


The Tree Ceremony 2015

Staged at the Jardin des Plantes in Paris during the opening week of COP21 (Conference of Parties on Climate Change) in 2015, an evergreen oak tree is framed by living drapes of seedling grass. This symbolic event places the tree centre stage – as the ‘actor’ in an urban drama of rising city temperatures, devastating floodwaters, polluted air and a loss of biodiversity.

The artwork acts as an impetus for cities and towns worldwide to avert worst-case scenarios of climate change. Scientists have noted that during heatwaves, cities are typically about 4°C hotter than the surrounding countryside while modelling predicts that adding trees to an area that spans 10 percent of a city centre would cool it by 4°C – and effectively climate-proof the city until 2080.

Healthy, quick-growing trees that are suited to their urban environment with good root aeration maximise the benefits of cooling. And in scientific experiments, grass has been proved to be remarkably effective in reducing runoff water from flooding.

UK-based artists Ackroyd & Harvey have collaborated and exhibited in contemporary art galleries, museums, found sites of architectural interest and public spaces across the world since 1990. Sculpture, photography, architecture, ecology and biology are among the disciplines that intersect in their practice, with organic and inorganic processes of growth being key activities in their work.

Interaction with scientists is often integral to Ackroyd & Harvey’s approach with groundbreaking research initiated over 20 years ago with the Institute of Grassland and Environmental Research (now IBERS – Institute of Biological, Environmental and Rural Sciences).

For the inauguration of the David Attenborough Building in Cambridge last year, they realised a series of new artwork following a research phase with the Museum of Zoology, Department of Zoology and the Cambridge Conservation Initiative.




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