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Wet Hair? Don’t Care!  

It’s time to take the natural route

Words by Pia Hatch

While a lucky few may be able to achieve that glorious look for their manes with a simple ‘wash and air-dry,’ many others have hairstyling routines that involve some product spritzing and gadget wielding.

But given the long-term damage that results from the frequent use of dryers, straighteners and curlers, it would be wise to consider a more natural approach. There is often no better time than when you’re on vacation to test yourself, and what you can achieve by combining hairstyling and air-drying.


Plaiting is the easiest way to style wet hair and most of us know how to do this. After washing your hair, simply divide it into four equal sections and braid while it’s still damp.  Depending on your hair type, choose either loose or tight braids. And once your hair dries, simply undo your plaits and enjoy those lovely natural waves!


Especially good for curly hair, here’s a simple suggestion: simply gather your damp hair into a high ponytail and pull it through the band a couple of times – but don’t tie it too tight! And here’s a tip: tie a silk scarf over your hair while it dries. Silk helps retain moisture so it’s an easy way to avoid frizz and dryness. And you’ll fit right in with the holiday spirit with that brightly coloured scarf decorating your hair!



The headband curl has caused a sen-sation on YouTube with many women trying out the look with much success. While there are products especially for the purpose, you only need a circular headband that fits comfortably around your head. Then when your hair is still mostly wet, wrap one to two-inch sections of hair around the band. Do this until you reach the back middle of your head, then repeat it on the other side – and continue in this manner. Once dry, carefully unwrap your magnificent curls.


For waves with a twist, first divide your hair into sections – the more sections you have, the more waves you’ll end up with. Then twist each section of hair and roll them into buns on your head. Secure with a clip or hairpins. Let it dry and then shake it all out for waves that will have every woman envying you!

There are so many wet hairstyling options out there and most of them look great even in their up-do incarnations as when you undo them – a double hair score! And most come with tutorials so find a couple of options that work for you and give those hairstyling gadgets the boot!

Happy styling!


It’s likely that your hair will be exposed to the sun more than it should be when you’re on vacation. Here’s how you can protect it.

  • Wear a hat when you’re out in the sun
  • Wet your hair thoroughly before taking a dip in the pool (your locks are less likely to absorb the chemical-ridden water and so will suffer less damage)
  • Apply an intensive conditioner to your wet hair before exposing it to the sun or water
  • Wear your hair up and ensure that those vulnerable ends are tucked in – and are out of sight
  • Use soft cloth ties that won’t damage your hair
  • Rinse out the sea water as soon as you’re back on dry land and use a wide-tooth comb to undo tangles
  • m Avoid hair dryers and straighteners – the last thing your hair needs is more heat!
  • If you must use a dryer blow the heat from a distance
  • Switch your hair products to alcohol-free versions during the countdown to your holiday (this will protect your scalp from burning)



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