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The accessories of life in 2018

Trends that are in vogue this year

Compiled by Nicola Jayasundera

SUNGLASSES Teeny, tiny, ‘almost not there’ sunglasses are in vogue this year. Sleek, skinny shades have appeared, meaning that a whole new crop of women are shelving their oversized specs in favour of micro frames. If you’re not one of them, try a pair with a sportier edge or maybe the classic catseye silhouettes that are being reworked with oval shapes and rounded edges, creating a more curvaceous accessory. Sharp winged corners and blunt edges are being rounded off for a softer take on retro styles, enhanced by fine wire and frameless constructions.

BAGS Coming in new shapes and sizes, designers have been thinking less along the lines of the lady bag and more about geometric forms. While the classic bag silhouettes won’t go out of fashion, cubes, spheres, stars and circles could make your geometry lessons seem all the more helpful. Transparent bags have also entered the fashion circle. Transparent briefcases, clear purses and plastic bags ensure that every trinket in your bag becomes the centre of attention. Patterned bags present a new statement piece too – cool and colourful, you don’t have to worry about finding a bag to match every outfit.

SHOES Transparency doesn’t end in your arms; clear shoes have also become an essential fashion accessory. And here’s a bonus: they are even waterproof. Boots are being made for walking this year as stiletto boots haven’t had a very good season. And an extensive range of low heel boots is appearing on the runways. If you must wear heels, the classic pumps are still in fashion. Thankfully however, pointed-toe pumps, cap toe versions and bow adorned styles are still around for the girl who needs the inches. Super sneakers with curled toes studded with spikes, crocheted flowers, heeled or those that go all the way up to your knees are trending as well.

HATS Currently, hats for both rain and shine are taking the fashion world by storm. With climate change and unpredicta-ble weather, designers have whipped up hats for every temperature from supersize sun hats for the beach to rain bonnets and bucket hats.

GLOVES Fashion is having a love affair with opera length gloves… and no smartphone touchscreen can stop it! Beaded dresses can be accessorised with elegant black gloves; or take a sportier turn and pair flirty dresses with white gloves.

CHAINS Chain accessories from cuff bracelets, chokers or massive links, to neat straps and various details, have become part of the standard outfit. Its embodiment is in the form of thin belt chains, which have replaced the rough leather straps and corsets.

RINGS Massive rings should not be worn individually but all together – one on each finger. And in order not to waste time on selecting accessories, some brands offer complete sets consisting of several rings made in the same style.

EARRINGS Following many seasons of sculptural arty earrings dominating the runways, the pendulum is swinging back in favour of glitzy shiny chandeliers. Large clip ons, exaggerated hoop earrings, long earrings, chains and tiered chande-lier earrings inlaid with pearls, large beads, ‘pomegranate seed’ and forged elements along with exaggerated size are in fashion. Combining different sets, only wearing one earring or ear cuffs on one ear are trending.

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